Category: Mini Standards 450mm

Mini Standards are the same as bush in every way, just budded on a stem 450mm above the ground. These are ideal for planting in a statement pot for the patio or for smaller spaces like on an apartment balcony. We also love to see them planted in a row for extra 'wow' factor. Ensure to stake them well.

Our Online selection of Mini Standard 450mm are only available as Bareroot plants during winter. For further availability all year round and a wider range of varieties visit your nearest NZ Garden Centre stockist.

A MOMENT IN TIME - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Elegant blush champagne blooms make this easy care rose bred […]
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BABY JACK - Mini Standard 450mm

Shrublet - Clusters of open, semi double flowers of an appealing burgundy […]

BERRY NICE - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Dazzling shades of berry magenta-pink flowers smother this bushy easy-care […]
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CUTIE PIE - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Exclusive to Matthews Roses Adorable new miniature rose, blooming […]

ICE ANGEL - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Perfectly formed buds of creamy white sometimes tinged pink, […]

LUCKY CHARM - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Clusters of miniature multi petal blooms of soft lemon […]
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MY ANGEL - Mini Standard 450mm

Shrublet - Astounding quantities of blooms literally smother this plant. Makes an […]

MY GRANDMA - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Beautiful lilac pink flowers with divine fragrance. Named for our […]
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MY SISTER - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Brilliant rich fire engine red flowers en mass repeatedly […]
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PATIO JEWEL - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Lovely hybrid tea formed flowers of bright crimson scarlet. […]

ROMA - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Masses of true rich red baby hybrid tea shaped […]
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SEAFOAM - Mini Standard Weeper 450mm

Shrublet - Masses of repeat blooming, creamy white double flowers, with soft […]
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SILVER GHOST - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Dazzling single white flowers stand out on super glossy rich […]

SPARKLES - Mini Standard 450mm

Shrublet - Masses of small white flowers in huge clusters, produced non-stop […]

VALERIE WEBSTER - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Clusters of pure yellow blooms, repeat flower on a superbly […]

VINTAGE MISS - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Rich shades of pink cupped vintage shaped flowers with soft […]
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