Category: Old Fashioned

These old fashioned favourites are varieties dating from pre 1940. They include our top selection of hybrid tea, centifolias, rugosas, moss, bourbon and hybrid musk types best suited for growing in NZ conditions.

All have their own characteristics of flower sizes, shapes, fragrances, some with plant growth that spreads, some with beautiful hips and thorns, recurrent flowering or others that flower only once over summer. Rugosa types are highly recommended for landscaping and for planting in dry, arid and coastal conditions.


Old Fashioned / Polyantha - The traditional sweetheart rose with very fragrant, […]


Old Fashioned / Hybrid Musk - Wonderfully fragrant, delicate coral-pink flowers opening […]


Old Fashioned / Hybrid Musk - Wonderfully fragrant creamy pink blooms of […]


Old Fashioned / Rugosa - One of the finest Rugosas, rich purple-crimson […]


Old Fashioned / Shrub - Sprays of beautiful blooms with shades of […]
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