Category: Standard Roses - Winter Delivery Only


Standard Roses are the same as bush in every way, just on a stem above the ground, allowing you to create a different dimension to your garden. Our online selection of 800mm Standards and 450mm Mini Standards are only available as Bareroot plants during winter. For further availability all year round and a wider range of varieties visit your nearest NZ Garden Centre stockist.

1.8m Weeping Standards and Cascading Pillar Roses are only available from our Garden Centre Stockists -  please see our Stockists page to find your nearest supplier, or visit our ordering information page.

A GARDENER'S DREAM - Standard 800mm

Floribunda - Exclusive to Matthews Roses - Charming clusters of fragrant apricot […]

A MOMENT IN TIME - Standard 800mm

Floribunda - Exclusive to Matthews Roses - Elegant blush champagne blooms make […]

ANNIVERSARY - Standard 800mm

Floribunda - A fantastic porcelain pink, covering the bush with an abundance […]

AOTEAROA NZ - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - Lovely creamy pink blooms with overpowering fragrance, are carried […]

BERRY NICE - Standard 800mm

Floribunda - Dazzling shades of berry magenta-pink flowers smother the bushy easy-care […]

BLACKBERRY NIP - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - Deep unfading purple blooms of medium size on long […]


Floribunda - Clusters of subtle ever changing blends of white brushed with […]


Floribunda - Identical to its parent, Iceberg, in every way but colour […]

CAPPUCCINO - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - Utterly unique antique pink buds open into coffee blooms […]

CAROLYN - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - Lusciously fragrant blooms in soft salmon pink tones. The […]

CASCADING WHITE - Standard Weeper 800mm

Shrublet - Stunning cascading sprays of dainty semi-double flowers in continuous bloom, […]

CATHERINE - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - Soft pink creamy yellow buds opening to vibrant pink […]

CHANCE OF PEACE - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - A modern twist on an old favourite. Soft yellow […]

CHRISTCHURCH - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - Rich orange flowers that are produced in profusion, on […]

CLAUDE MONET - Standard 800mm

Hybrid Tea - This eye catching multi colour rose creates an ever […]

CREAM DREAM - Standard 800mm

Shrublet - This easy-care ‘Simplicity®’ rose presents an evolving display of rich […]
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