Category: Climbers

Climbing roses are amazing for bringing colour, romance and a different dynamic to the garden. There are many to choose from with popular Modern climbers, Old Fashioned favourites, Ramblers for covering a large area or Patio Cimbers for smaller spaces! Having a frame to climb on maximizes the display they give, some varieties excel with training in the fan shape against a wall or over an archway.

Climbers generally need two or three seasons to establish their shape. Keep an eye out every second or third winter as there may be one old stem to prune out from the base when you can see a new replacement cane growing up.


David Austin / English Climbing Rose - Apricot-yellow buds open to shallowly […]
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Modern Climber - Exclusive to Matthews Roses - Sensational pearl white blooms […]
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Modern Climber - Exclusive to Matthews Roses - Brighten up your garden […]
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