Category: Mini Standards 450mm

MY GRANDMA - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Beautiful lilac pink flowers with divine fragrance. Named for our […]
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MY MUM - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Stunning blend of coral, apricot and pink. Super healthy bush […]
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MY SISTER - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Brilliant rich fire engine red flowers en mass repeatedly […]

PATIO JEWEL - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Lovely hybrid tea formed flowers of bright crimson scarlet. […]

PURE MAGIC - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - A magical display of white flowers, repeat blooming in clusters […]
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ROMA - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio - Masses of true rich red baby hybrid tea shaped […]

SEAFOAM - Mini Standard Weeper 450mm

Shrublet - Masses of repeat blooming, creamy white double flowers, with soft […]
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SILVER GHOST - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Dazzling single white flowers stand out on super glossy rich […]

SPARKLES - Mini Standard 450mm

Shrublet - Masses of small white flowers in huge clusters, produced non-stop […]

SWEET DREAM - Mini Standard 450mm

Miniature Patio¬† - Delicate apricot blush blooms in clusters makes a pretty […]
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THE FAIRY - Mini Standard Weeper 450mm

Shrublet - Pretty pink small rosettes flower non-stop in a stunning show […]
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VINTAGE MISS - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Rich shades of pink cupped vintage shaped flowers with soft […]
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WILD CAT - Mini Standard 450mm

Floribunda - Flamboyant blend of gold and orange red, quick to repeat […]
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